Contemplating divorce is always difficult. Whether you are sure you want to end your marriage or are still considering your options, it helps to learn the basics of divorce law and procedure. Should you conclude that divorce is necessary, it is very important that you seek the assistance of an experienced family law attorney with experience and knowledge of family law and divorce. Picking an attorney as soon as possible in the divorce process is one of the best ways to preserve your own long-term financial and emotional health. A divorce is a method of terminating a marriage contract between two individuals. From a legal standpoint, a divorce will give each person the legal right to marry someone else, divide the couple's assets and debts and determine the future care, custody, and support of their children.

Agreements, orders, settlements, and/or judgments made in your divorce will affect your life more than you can imagine. It is imperative that you hire the right attorney, one who is experienced. We will work hard for you. If you need to win, you need a tough attorney.

Karina Duvall, Attorney at Law:
Karina Duvall - Russian family lawyer

I operate with both foreign and Russian clients; the international side of my practice sees me acting primarily as a Russian divorce lawyer where one party, or both, is a foreign national. Upon taking a case, I seek to tailor an individual approach that allows them to achieve the best possible result in a timely and cost-effective fashion. My services extend to divorce, child support, maintenance, custody, property division, inheritance and related fields of law. I prepare of expert's report for American and foreign courts concerning family and matrimonial law. I have juridical practice since 1991.

I have authored numerous articles in both Russian specialist and popular publications in Russia and United States and have been the recipient of several awards relating to my professional work in legal research. I also regularly participate in legal discussions on TV, especially on Family, Matrimonial and International Law, which is becoming an increasingly important facet in the entire world.


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